Events Rich Snippet plugin for Wordpress

Events Rich Snippet plugin for Wordpress

Add rich snippets to your wordpress

Do you want your events listed in google search? Just install this plugin add some events add [vevents] to your page/post content and you're done!

Download the plugin, copy the content to /wp-content/plugins/events and active the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.

Then add [vevents] to your page or post.

You can now add lists to catogarize your events and then display them separately by using the shortcode like this [vevent list="list_name"] and replace list_name with the name of your list, don't forget to macth upper an lower case because the plugin might be casesencitive depending on your wordpress installation.

Or just use the widget. 

To display rich snippets you'll need to whitelist your website using this form.

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